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1915 Chauchat Automatic Rifle

When US forces entered WW1 they had few machine guns of their own so they were issued the French Chauchat automatic rifle for an automatic squad weapon. The Chauchat gained the reputation as maybe the worse weapon ever issued to American troops. The gun was fired from an open bolt and had an open magazine which made it prone to failure because of dirt and debris. Because it was designed to be manufactured in a simple machine shop, the tolerances were high and quality low. This also added to its maddening habit of jamming; usually when troops could least afford it.

The 8mm Lebel round the gun originally chambered was very wide at the rim necessitating the unique U shaped magazine. Later, American Chauchat’s came equipped for the American 30-06 round and used a box type magazine, but these rounds only added to the reliability problems because the cheaply made parts could not handle the higher pressures from the more powerful round.

Although the US Army bought 25,000 of the upgraded model 1918 they were replaced by the BAR at the end of the war and the US ordered all Chauchat destroyed. Very few real weapons survive to this day.

With real wood stock, hand grips and forward grip, steel barrel, removable magazine, working trigger and bolt, this reproduction has the look and feel of the real thing.  For reenactors looking to equip with the historically correct Chauchat, but have experienced the scarcity and high prices of original Chauchats, Tri-Nel Solutions offers an accurate but lower cost reproduction of the Chauchat model 1915.

The only thing that might make our reproduction more authentic would be to have a round half ejected and the bolt jammed half way back.

Cost  -  $850.00  *plus shipping

                                                                                                             "The best reproduction of the worst gun ever made"