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AR Rifle Barrel Nut Wrench

Some projects we take on at Tri-Nel Solutions originate with a customer request. But some, like our new barrel nut wrench, are things we made for ourselves and then decide this might be a product that other people need or want.

Our machinist was frustrated with the cheap quality of most off the shelf barrel nut wrenches for AR15 rifles . . . . so he made his own. Then we thought - if we are going to make one, what the heck, we might as well make 30 and offer them for sale.

Tri-Nel Solutions Barrel Nut Wrench fits the AR15 rifle on one side and the AR10 rifle on the other, works with DPMS style free float barrel nuts & stock delta rings and is tapped to be adaptable to other sizes. Made of ½” thick zink plated steel with hardened replaceable dowel pins, this tool will be handed down to your grandchildren along with your beloved AR.

Don’t struggle with cheap tools . . . buy the right tool for the job.

    Cost  $38.00 plus shipping* 

*all shipping is figured for Continental United States. 

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