If you have a need . . . . .Tri-Nel has the solution!

One thing is for sure here at Tri-Nel Solutions, there are no dull days. If we aren't printing machine gun parts, we a designing something else fun and exciting.  Our latest project of fun was a set of brake ducts for a land speed car.  You know, the type of cars that run at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah. 

If you are interested in having a special project created then our custom 3D project department is just the ticket for you.  We have done everything from car parts to cookie cutters!  So let us know what we can print for you. 

Our 3D printer is a RoBo and boy is that machine a work-horse. Each brake duct required approximately 24 straight hours of printing! That is A LOT of layers!! The customer was very pleased with the final product and so are we.

Let us know what we can print for you!

Custom  3D  Printing