If you have a need . . . . .Tri-Nel has the solution!

If you have a need

Tri-Nelhas the solution!

Tri-Nel Solutions offers designing, engineering and manufacturing solutions for your low volume or prototype projects. We will work from your design, a design we create for you, an old part/assembly or even napkin sketches.  Tri-Nel will turn your ideas into reality.  If you need a prototype, one-off part, or a production run of thousands, Tri-Nel's small efficient work force and our network of machining, turning, 3D printing and manufacturing assets makes low volume production affordable. 

Tri-Nel offers a range of products for a variety of industries.  Many of Tri-Nel's products are a  result of customers looking for a solution when a part they require is no longer available.  If you are looking for a part or product, chances are other people are looking for the same thing.  Tri-Nel can create the item you need and offer it to you at a volume production price.
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So.... when you need a reproduction Vickers machine gun or a chain tensioner for your corn picker or your very own left handed widget and there is no mass produced product available or traditional manufacturing companies are cost prohibitive - -think of Tri-Nel Solutions.