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Vickers 303 MK1 - Aviation Model
Cost -  $925.00plus shipping* 

*all shipping is figured for Continental United States. 

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The Vickers MK1 replica machine gun from Tri-Nel Solutions is a combination of original Vickers parts, machined aluminum parts and 3D printed parts using PET filament. This combination creates a realistic looking, strong and yet light-weight gun while remaining reasonably priced.  Weighing in at 8 pounds, this replica is not a solid molded piece of plastic but a very realistic looking gun that is assembled using over 40 different parts.  Using buck rivets on the side plate, an original Vickers front cover latch and a flash suppressor gives the gun a realistic look and feel.

To assure durability, the Tri-Nel Vickers had been vibration tested at 10 to 80 Hz and displacements from 0.25" to .5 with loads up to 8G's.  The Vickers mounts with two hard points on the bottom, just like the original, in fact, the receiver bottom incorporates the rear mount and is an original Vickers part made of steel. The front mount is constructed of PET plastic and incorporated into the rear outer barrel tube mount. This gun is engineered to such exacting detail that at any point, an original Vickers piece can replace the molded piece.

All of the plastic parts are constructed of PET filament. This type of filament was chosen over ABS for it's strength and flexibility in addition to being more flame retardant than other plastics. PET filament is the only filament used at Tri-Nel Solutions. Like all Tri-Nel products, the Vickers has our 100% money back guarantee. If you are not happy with your purchase, just send it back for a refund.

Aviation Model

Vickers 303 MK1 Machine Gun